An ambitious goal

Created in 2014, IPSA Jet was born from the desire to develop a still little-known category of aircrafts: The Microjets.

With comparable dimensions to most of the piston-propelled aircrafts, these aircrafts make the difference thanks to their Jet Engines and amazing performances, which provide them outstanding capabilities.

Currently, there's only one Microjet available on the market:
 the Subsonex. Only sold in Kit, with a single place on board, it's designed for quite reckless pilots, in search of extreme sensations.

The IPSA Jet intention is to extend the Microjets market by generalizing these aircraft, thanks to an offer able to fit identified needs of a large part of the Worldwide pilots. 3 seats on board, 1.1 Ton on Take-Off, 240 mph on cruising, with enough range to reach most of the European countries from France, the Dynastie Jet created by IPSA Jet is to become a pioneer on the private planes market.

Current technologies in terms of motorization now give us the opportunity to choose as clean as quiet Jet Engines, with enhanced performances...

Discover the DGEN 380, designed by our Partner Price Induction.

In a word

IPSA Jet : a team of 25 passionated students in aeronautics, marketing, communication and law who strive for a common goal : the development of a microjet aircraft.